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☹ school ☹

The Anthem Good Charlotte // Girl All The Bad Guys Want Bowling For Soup // Fat lip Sum 41 // Welcome To My Life Sum 41 // Brain Stew Green Day // Dammit Blink-182 // I Don’t Care Fall Out Boy // Teenagers My Chemical Romance // Seventeen Forever Metro Station // Dirty little secret The All American Rejects 

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ME HI - RYLAN —hartfieldconfessions


Opinion/First Impression: Oh goodness I think we were those people that would randomly talk like once through a skype post then stop ahaha. I’m glad we’re in a group now where we talk pretty much everyday. I don’t think the cockrinemnues would be compete without you and your family :) it’s like you guys were the missing piece we needed to be one big family.

☾Random song from shuffle: Your Body-me christina aguilera

☮Who I think you fit/could fit:

omg ahaha ily shelby

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could you whore me out? if not its chilll thanks I LOVE YALLLLL <3 -Civanah —slayitrp


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Where did that real goddess thing come from? —Anonymous

but it’s an edit from ShadyRP Awards lmao

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